Först Consulting Group adds Residential Property Management Service

Först Consulting Group is pleased to add an additional service to its offerings: Residential Property Management.

Added because of customer demand, beginning in 2016, Först will now assist homeowners who need someone to watch over their property when they are not there.

Property Management Provides Safety, Security, Ease and Convenience While You’re Away

It’s important that your property looks like its being lived in, even when you’re not there. Both for safety and security reasons, especially if you are gone for a length of time. In addition, you’ll enjoy the convenience and peace of mind knowing that someone you trust is looking after your property.

The Property Management Services we offer includes:

  • Walking the interior and exterior to discover issues
  • Notification and Remediation of issues if any are found
  • Coordination or provision of project management and local subcontractors
  • Checking for and forwarding mail or packages
  • Arranging HVAC or other systems filter changes and service
  • Running water, checking spigots
  • Checking batteries, motion detectors, alarm systems, lighting
  • Starting cars
  • Managing staff for lawn care or interior maintenance
  • Grass mowing, plant watering
  • Pet care arrangements
  • and more

When you return, we can also prepare your home for your return, ensuring all systems are working, things are up to date, and the home is move-in ready.

Home Care is Especially Important in the Winter

During the winter months, it’s especially important to have someone watching over your home for issues like frozen pipes, snow removal from roofs, decks, walkways, and patio furniture. And many counties, cities and homeowners’ associations require snow removal from sidewalks within a certain timeframe.

Why Trust Först?

Homeowners trust Först Consulting Group, headed by Matthew Furlong, because they already know us through the contracting work we do for them. We have a broad knowledge of electrical, mechanical, plumbing systems, so that in the event of a problem, like a broken water pipe, we know what to do.

Whether you’re gone for one month, a year, or more, having Först watch over your property is like taking out an insurance policy on your home while you’re away.

Please call us for more information.