Improper construction practices photographs

Improper construction practices can lead to problems with your home down the road, and legal disputes with the hired contractor. This gallery contains photographs of some of the more common bad construction practices you may find in your own home.

Improper construction usually begins with not following the manufacturer’s installation instructions. This can lead to voided product warranties when improperly installed products fail. Först Consulting Group can inspect your home’s appliances, deck, doors and windows, siding, heated floors, electrical, plumbing, and tile installations for proper installation methods.

If you recognize any, you will need to correct them immediately, as to avoid future damage. If you have trouble remediating the construction problem, contact Först Consulting Group. We can provide inspection reports, expert witness testimony, and serve as your advocate in disputes.

Disclaimer: Först Consulting Group is not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice.

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