Först Consulting Group provides consultation, inspection services, and expert witness opinion and testimony for disputes, arbitration or court cases involving construction issues.

We represent homeowners, contractors, attorneys, and insurance companies. We offer:


Many construction claims are based on visible errors; others can be based on time delays or cost overruns. Sometimes disputes arise in how each party views the discrepancy, and the need for forensic evidence can play an essential role in resolution. Först Consulting Group experts can consult with either side on disputes involving construction errors, construction defects, construction management, destructive testing, loss of productivity damages, and standards of conduct or performance. Contact us for a initial conversation.

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Först Consulting Group provides thorough construction defect inspection, or forensic investigative services, ranging from one room to an entire house, to identify construction issues, defect or violations that may come into play in a construction dispute. We look at designs, structures, materials, and installation processes, in order to understand and identify issues relating to construction procedures, code violations, material defects, site conditions, and quality of construction, down to the most subtle detail. In many cases, evidence produced in our inspection can be used to mitigate a case, or lead to its resolution without going to attorneys or to court.

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We also generate exhaustive, detail-oriented reports on construction inspection, including explanation of the problem, how it can be fixed, estimated costs, and material lists. Our reports contain full explanations and proof of our findings—not just checklists—that may prove helpful in providing evidence needed for resolution, whether the issue is settled out of court or taken to trial.

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Although Först Consulting Group cannot provide legal advice, we can offer expert opinion on the quality of construction, workmanship, material defect, and quality problems. We can also offer expert advice on construction matters to include construction management and practices, defects, litigation, or resolution. If you are unsure of your next step, contact us. We can help guide you through the dispute process.

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Attorneys require proof when disputing a case, and that is what we provide through our litigation support services including construction inspection, detailed reports, consultation services, expert opinions, and expert testimony.

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Först Consulting Group’s owner Matthew Furlong is available to provide credible expert witness opinion and expert courtroom testimony nationwide in cases involving construction errors or disputes. We have demonstrated special knowledge and proficiency in the field of construction and are experienced on the courtroom stand.

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Disclaimer: Först Consulting Group is not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice.