Först Consulting Group offers a number of services to homeowners throughout the Northern Virginia area, ranging from property management for absentee owners to use of our expertise in construction to advocate on your behalf. They include:

Residential Property Management

When you’re away from home, who’s watching your property? With Först Consulting Group’s Residential Property Management service you won’t have to worry about the safety issues of an unattended home in the Northern Virginia area. On a regular basis, we will walk the interior and exterior to discover issues, notify you if any are found and plan for remediation through project management and local subcontractors we trust. Our clients already know us for the exceptional contracting work we do for them, so in the event of a problem, we know what to do.

Maintenance issues can also be performed, which include lawn mowing, snow removal, plant watering, mail and package forwarding, filter changes, water and spigot turn-on or turn-off, checking alarm and lighting systems, changing batteries, starting cars, pet care arrangements, and more. Then, when you notify Först of your return, we will ensure your home is move-in ready. For short-term or long-term absences, residential property management is your insurance policy on your largest investment when you’re away.

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Owner’s Construction Advocate for Renovation Projects

Home renovation is always a time of upheaval. You are trying to balance already busy schedules with the burden of managing your construction project. Inexperienced homeowners worry that the project will not be done right, corners will be cut, or you will be taken advantage of with pricing or material quality. Remove the stress by letting Först Consulting Group advocate on your behalf to prevent construction defects from the beginning.

Först acts as an Owner’s Advocate on renovation projects by serving as your personal project manager—representing your side. We will visit the construction site several times a week to oversee the project, track performance, monitor precision fit and finish, verify the work is synonymous with the design and contract specifications, check material quality, look out for shortcuts, and ensure strict adherence to state and local building codes, among other tasks. We provide meetings and reports back to you, the homeowner on the progress or issues. Even before construction, during the design and contract phase, we can help negotiate on your behalf with your general contractor. We realize you are not an expert at the building process, but we are. Trust Först Consulting Group to act as your liaison between designers, contractors and your family.

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Private Pre-Sale Home Inspection

When you go to sell your home, the potential buyer is going to bring in a home inspector to review every detail of your home. Their goal: to try to find issues that can be used to renegotiate the asking price in their favor.

Instead of waiting to see what the inspector finds, hire Först Consulting Group to perform a private in-depth inspection review of your home. We will check for code compliance, examine for construction issues, inspect HVAC and electrical systems, kitchen areas and fireplaces, and look for items that may affect the sale of your home. This is especially important when you have performed your own improvements. We can also look for moisture and air leakage, using our high-tech thermal imaging camera. We’ll check for insulation issues, gaps around doors and windows, ductwork leaks and problems behind the drywall without having to disturb anything in your home.

Först is not your normal home inspector; rather, we’re experts in construction, having run our own construction company for many years before becoming construction consultants. So we know what to look for and spend a day or more going over your home with a fine toothed comb to uncover any and every potential issue.

Following our inspection, you will be provided with a highly-detailed report of our findings that will not only list what we found, but the methods and estimated costs for remediating the issue. With this in hand, the negotiating power is in your corner. Call Först Consulting Group today for your free consultation.

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Disclaimer: Först Consulting Group is not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice.

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