Condos & HOAs

Först Consulting Group can provide Community Transition Studies, Transitioning Evaluation Reports, Feasibility Studies, and Property Condition Assessments to help ensure the effective management, sustainability, and financial health of condominium (condos) and homeowner associations (HOAs) complexes.

Community Transition Studies for Condos and HOAs

The need for a Community Transition Study (CTS) typically arises when a community is nearing completion or a significant percentage of units have been sold. Its goal is to facilitate a smooth transition of management responsibilities from the developer to the Association. Elements can typically include:

  • Infrastructure and Common Area Assessment to identify incomplete work, deficiencies or construction-related issues
  • Financial Analysis
  • Documentation Review
  • Reserve Study
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • Training and Knowledge Transfer
  • Warranty Review

Feasibility Studies and Property Condition Assessments

At Först Consulting Group, our industry experience and experts enable us to investigate all types of buildings and provide technically accurate Feasibility Studies and Property Condition Assessments. We provide detailed feasibility studies, construction evaluation reports, and energy analysis for:

  • Residential multi-family and townhome communities
  • Mid-to-high rise commercial and hospitality properties
  • Sizable and boutique condos and HOAs

Feasibility Studies

A project Feasibility Study begins as a preliminary analysis and investigation of a prospective design change or additional project to a building or property. Our independent feasibility studies provide detailed assessments for Associations in order to determine the likelihood of a successful project. Our Feasibility Study examines all aspects and includes data such as:

  • Code Compliance (legal)
  • Financial or Investment Obligations (cost)
  • Technical Feasibility (evaluation)
  • Project Schedule (timeline)
  • Findings and Recommendations(conclusions)

Property Condition Assessments

A Property Condition Assessment (PCA) is typically conducted to evaluate the physical condition of a condo or HOA property and identify potential issues or maintenance needs. HOAs may require a PCA for several reasons:

  • Reserve Studies
  • Due Diligence for Property Transitions
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance and Insurance Requirements prior to coverage
  • Long-Term Planning

In addition, condominium communities may require a PCA for:

  • Financial Planning and Budgeting
  • Identification of Safety Hazards
  • Local Building Code Compliance
  • Transition from Developer to Condo Association Control

Först Consulting Group’s licensed building professionals and restoration specialists provide our clients with world-class value and customer service so they can make informed decisions. We perform inspections to identify issues and provide recommendations for aging facades, roofing, and other building components.

Our experts specialize in property condition reports and pre-purchase evaluations, with fast turnaround. With years of experience evaluating building envelope, energy performance, code compliance, and concrete restoration, we are well equipped to support our clients at every phase. Our property condition assessment reports provide reliable guidance with client representation always in mind.

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Först Consulting Group services primarily the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. areas. We are also available nationwide.

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