Construction Consulting

Since most homeowners are not construction experts themselves, it may be in your best interest to have a construction consultation before making major decisions on building, remodeling or restoring your property.

Först Consulting Group can answer your questions before, during and after a construction project to ensure you are making informed decisions at every step along the way, and advise on every facet of your construction project including, but not limited to, the following consultation services:

Pre-Construction Consultant

  • Selecting and vetting a contractor
  • Contract review/negotiation
  • Cost analysis and verification
  • Smart Home technology
  • Green technology and green building methods/solar energy

During Construction

  • Progress monitoring
  • Material selections
  • Material checks
  • Fit and finish inspections
  • Weekly walk-throughs
  • Reports at regular intervals
  • Safety reviews
  • Dispute support

Post-Construction Consultant

  • Walk-through
  • Punch list inspection
  • Suspected defect inspection
  • Evidence inspection and documentation
  • Dispute resolution
  • Expert opinion and testimony

Construction Advocate

When building or remodeling your home, your life is in an upheaval. You are already trying to balance busy schedules with the burden of managing your construction project. Inexperienced homeowners worry the project will not be done right, corners will be cut, or that they will be taken advantage of with pricing, material or workmanship quality, or builder fraud.

Först Consulting Group acts as an owner’s construction advocate by serving as your personal project manager—representing your side—to prevent construction problems from the beginning.

Construction Supervisor

We will visit your construction site several times a week and at milestone checkpoints to oversee your construction project, track performance, monitor precision fit and finish, verify the work is synonymous with the design and contract specifications, check material quality, look out for shortcuts, and ensure strict adherence to state and local building codes, among other tasks.

Regular Progress Reports

Först holds regular meetings with you to discuss the progress of your construction project and report on any issues we may find. If there is an issue, we can help you to resolve it swiftly and peaceably with your contractor.

Pre-Construction Consultation and Negotiations

Even before construction begins, or before you even hire a construction company, consult with Först Consulting Group. We can assist with the selection of your contractor, project negotiations, and contract review.

You may not be an expert at the building process, but we are, so trust Först Consulting Group to act as your consultant, advocate and liaison between the contractor and your family—all that construction project management encompasses.

Historical Renovation

To protect a home’s historic significance or restore it to its original grandeur requires a contractor with specific knowledge of historic renovation practices. Yet many homeowners don’t know where to find contractors with particular expertise.

Restoring a historical home’s details, like its custom molding, to their original glory is a specialty skill of Först Consulting Group, honed by years of experience and historical research as a custom builder. We have helped restore hundreds of properties and can advise you on proper historic renovation practices and preservation techniques, and in helping to select a qualified contractor.

Först Consulting Group Offers Assistance With:

  • Determining work scope and budgets
  • Selecting a qualified historic-knowledgeable contractor and architect
  • Contracts review
  • Indicating correct building permits for historic properties
  • Consulting on historic renovation accuracy and practices
  • Advising on where to obtain historically-accurate materials
  • Monitoring workmanship

Incorporate Modern Technology Into a Historic Renovation

Those who understand and value a building’s provenance will want to lovingly restore its features using the most historically-accurate materials and skilled craftsmen. This doesn’t mean contractors cannot incorporate modern technology into your home if  it is part of your renovation plan. Creating the right blend of old and new is part of our creative process.

Materials are Important on a Historic Renovation

We think it’s a shame when the owner of a historic property uses products purchased at one of the big home improvement stores to repair, renovate, restore or preserve their historic home. Or when contractors believe that ripping out period details and replacing them with modern ones is the way to go since it is often less time-consuming. Having an experienced consultant like Först Consulting Group on your side can protect your home’s integrity and ensure that you and your contractor have the same goal in mind.

Energy Efficiency Audit

When cooling or heating your home, it is important to achieve optimum energy efficiency. This not only saves on utility costs, it ensures your family’s comfort within the home.

An energy efficiency audit, provided by Först Consulting Group, can determine if your home is truly energy efficient. Using an infrared camera for thermal imaging testing, Först can identify areas in your home where air leaks are present or insulation is missing. We look for insulation issues, gaps around doors and windows, ductwork leaks, and problems behind drywall without having to disturb anything in your home.

Detect Drafts and Moisture Buildup

Air leaks can create drafts or cold spots that make indoor spaces uncomfortable. They can also let moisture seep in from high humidity levels.  We have seen instances when, during construction, contractors neglect to replace insulation after a remodeling project. These cold spots can be detected on the thermal imaging camera without having to open up the walls.

An energy efficiency audit can ensure that all GFCI receptacles are working correctly, check for drafts around outlets and ceiling light fixtures, indicate leaks in the HVAC system, and point out joints that need to be sealed. Our specialized equipment can also detect water or moisture buildup behind stucco, or indicate whether a circuit breaker in the service panel is defective. It displays the precise temperatures of whatever it is pointed at to help us find anomalies and formulate a conclusion.

IRC Code Requirements for Energy Efficiency

International Residential Codes (IRC) require energy compliance for enhanced efficiency. For new construction, the code book is updated every three years and sets minimum regulations for all building, plumbing, fuel gas, mechanical, energy and electrical provisions for single- and two-family residences. Först Consulting Group can ensure all current code requirements are met.

When to Perform an Energy Audit

The best time to perform an energy audit is when you are remodeling, after installation of new doors or windows, for a pre-listing or home inspection, or when you notice air temperature fluctuations or suspect hidden moisture.

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