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Construction Contract Review

As part of our Homeowner Services, we help you to understand a construction contract, which can protect you from unwelcome surprises. That is why Först Consulting Group recommends having a professional review your contract before you sign.

A construction contract review protects you, as the homeowner, for if you do not understand your responsibilities, the contractor’s promises, or the language laid out in the construction contract, future challenges can occur. For example, many homeowners may not know that in most contracts, unforeseen construction costs are generally the responsibility of the homeowner. Even simple contracts can contain provisions that ought to be looked at for your own security and peace of mind.

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The first step in our review process is to go over the contract and lay out items we believe should be either addressed or changed, in our opinion. We also point out items we think you should be aware of, including non-obvious obligations.

Först Consulting Group can then assist you in addressing these issues with the contractor, if you desire, and aid in drafting revisions or communication.

Contract review services include:

  • Contractor bid review
  • Forming a construction contract with those involved in your project
  • Contract review and recommendations
  • Contract revisions and review of revised contract
  • Contract negotiation
  • Professional opinion on contract elements including pricing verification, delivery dates, etc.

Knowing your contract, and engaging a contractor on your terms is just smart. Please contact Först Consulting Group to set your appointment.

Please bear in mind that Först Consulting Group is not a legal firm and cannot provide legal advice.

Estate Management

You don’t have to worry about your house when you’re away from home, with Först Consulting Group’s Estate Management* services. We provide residential property monitoring and management that looks after your house when you are not there, a service ideal for vacations or short- or long-term absences.

estate manager

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Monitoring Property

On a regular basis, Först will walk the interior and exterior of your home to monitor your property as if it were our own, checking to ensure that it is safe and that no problems have developed. Estate management is your assurance against worry while you are away.

As when you are home, mishaps occur, like fallen limbs, burst pipes or power outages. We look for issues out of the ordinary, and if we find any, we report them to you immediately. Our clients already know Först’s commitment to detail, and the excellent contracting work we provide. In the event of a problem, we know what to do, and can perform repair services on your behalf through project management and the local subcontractors we know and trust. Services can include:

  • Interior and exterior walkthrough
  • Reporting
  • Repairs

Property Maintenance

Först Consulting Group can provide regular maintenance of your property in your absence to ensure it has a live-in and cared-for appearance. This can include:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Plant watering
  • Snow removal
  • Mail and package collection or forwarding
  • Pet care arrangements
  • Filter changes
  • Spigot and water turn-on or turn-off
  • Alarm and lighting system checks, light bulb replacement on exterior lighting
  • Changing batteries
  • Car startup to prevent dead battery
  • Other services as needed

Concierge Move-In Ready Service

Först Consulting Group can ready your home for return, especially important following an extended absence. Services can include:

  • Opening and airing the home
  • Utility restoration (if necessary)
  • Cleaning and dusting
  • Food provisions
  • Mail and package delivery
  • Other services as needed

*Estate Management is currently available only to residents in Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Construction Project Management

Many elements go into a construction project, including time, costs, labor, materials and inspections, all of which need to be monitored and managed. Although you trust the contractor to manage these functions, it is in the best interest of the homeowner to also keep an eye on things. That is what Först Consulting Group offers through construction project management.

Unfortunately, contractors and subcontractors have been known to take shortcuts, cut corners and fail in their contractual requirements. A busy homeowner may not recognize these unacceptable practices—but we can.

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Construction project management will aid in avoiding future construction defects, code violations, excess costs, and time delays, potentially saving the homeowner thousands of dollars in construction error remediation and hours of frustration in resolving problems.

How Construction Project Management Works

Först Consulting Group is hired by homeowners to serve as their construction manager at various points throughout the construction project. Schedules are set with the homeowner and can serve from daily to weekly reviews of a project’s progress. Först can also be available at critical milestones such as a pre-drywall inspection.

Following each review, Först will consult with the homeowners to present any findings and provide a general report of the project’s progress. If issues are present, we can also aid in addressing remediation of those issues. We act as a liaison between the homeowner and contractor, serving to represent the homeowner’s best interests on their behalf.

Först Consulting Group maintains updated credentials in construction project management techniques to understand the complexities that go into every construction project and remain proficient in monitoring contractors and subcontractors.

Construction project management includes, but is not limited to:

  • Progress monitoring
  • Contractor-homeowner liaison
  • Materials verification
  • Workmanship review
  • Detailed reporting
  • Remediation recommendations and negotiation
  • Pricing recommendations

Construction management ensures successful completion of construction projects. Make sure you have a professional representing your side.

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