Homeowner Documentation

Detailed Reports

Almost every service provided by Först Consulting Group requires homeowner documentation, which we supply in the form of detailed reports containing our professional resume, descriptions of findings, exhibits, photographs and images, code requirements, building code violations, reporting on improper construction methods, cost correction estimates, etc.

Our reports contain full explanations and proof of our findings–not just checklists–that may prove helpful in providing evidence needed for resolution whether the construction dispute is settled out of court or taken to trial.

Detailed reports are prepared for residential, commercial and professional clients and can be used for findings, as proof of construction practices, or to support a dispute for construction litigation purposes.

Often they are used as part of Först Consulting Group’s expert witness testimony.

Types of reports issued include, but are not limited to:

  • Scheduling and timelines
  • Electrical, plumbing, HVAC, concrete and building deficiencies
  • Improper construction methods
  • Results of construction deficiencies
  • Code requirements and violations
  • Construction safety
  • Thermal imaging
  • Radon

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