Some of the most common questions asked about Först Consulting Group are answered here for your convenience.

  • When should I contact Först Consulting Group?
    It is best to contact Först Consulting Group as soon as a problem is discovered.
  • What geographical region does Först Consulting Group cover?
    Först Consulting Group covers the Northern Virginia area including the counties of Loudoun, Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, Prince William, Fauquier, and Clarke. Först Consulting is also available for services nationwide.
  • What services does Först Consulting Group provide?
    We provide inspection services, construction litigation support services, consultations, advice, expert opinion, and expert witness testimony for the construction industry.
  • For whom does Först Consulting Group provide services?
    We provide our services for homeowners, builders, contractors and architects, as well as attorneys. We cannot represent, however, two sides in the same case.
  • How do I contact Först Consulting Group?
    We can be reached at +1 703-268-8699 (EST) or by completing the Contact Form.
  • How long does a home inspection take?
    We perform a site walk-through that can take from one hour to several hours for a single room, and from several hours to several days for a whole-house inspection. Following the inspection, Först Consulting Group generates a detailed report of its findings, recommendations, costs and materials needed to correct the problem.
  • What should I look for as a homeowner?
    We advise homeowners to pay attention during a construction project and question anything they believe is not correct. If you do not receive a satisfactory explanation from your builder or contractor, or believe that an error in construction has occurred, please contact us. We can provide advice, consultation and professional opinion, as well as inspection services and reports.
  • What is my defense as a builder or architect?
    This is exactly why you need Först Consulting Group. We will consult with you to determine your best course of action. We can aid in preparing documents, gathering forensic evidence, and with mitigation or litigation expert testimony and support services.
  • Does Först Consulting Group provide fireplace and chimney inspections?
    Yes, we do, and recommend a complete inspection at least once a year. We like to schedule them in the summer months. Get an inspection if you are thinking about purchasing a home, as well, to make sure the fireplace is safe to operate.

Disclaimer: Först Consulting Group is not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice.