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Först’s Step by Step Approach to Resolving Construction Issues

Först’s Step by Step Approach to Resolving Construction Issues

Homeowners call Först Consulting Group when they have a construction problem. Their contractor has made an error, or tried to cover something up, but the homeowner knows it and has already tried to approach the builder about the problem but only got excuses or denials in return. When the homeowners reach us for construction advocacy, ... Read More

Beware the Dangers of Chinese Drywall

Have you ever heard of Chinese drywall? If you’re like others, probably not–until you had a problem with it. According to Wikipedia, the term “Chinese drywall” refers to an environmental health issue involving defective Chinese-manufactured drywall that was imported to the U.S. beginning in the 2000s, containing volatile chemicals that can emit sulfurous gasses including ... Read More

Is the Economy Causing Builders’ Risks to Rise?

I saw this article titled “Unfamiliar Jobs Boost Builders’ Risks” recently on and was struck by how relevant it was to the building industry here in Northern Virginia. In a nutshell, it talks about how, with the economic downturn, builders and contractors have been forced to look for new ways to perform their work, ... Read More

Construction Inspection – What to Look for While the Work is Being Done

Even the slightest defect can wreak havoc on your construction project, and often the defects can be undetectable to the eye since they are hidden behind the walls. That’s why an independent Construction Inspection is so important. But many homeowners don’t think of it, trusting only the word of their contractor. Först Consulting Group provides ... Read More

New Service: Owner’s Construction Advocate for Renovation Projects

When you renovate your home, things are turned upside down. Normal schedules are interrupted, the space is in disarray, and you have to oversee the project on top of your already-busy day. The job of managing your construction, remodeling or renovation project just got easier with the addition of the new Owner’s Construction Advocate service ... Read More

What You Need to Know About Lead-Based Paint

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “If you live in a home built before 1978 and you’re contemplating any work that will disturb more than six square feet of painted surfaces inside the home or 20 square feet on the exterior of the home, for example, replacing a window, installing cabinets, or adding ... Read More