add-security-to-your-homeOwning a home means protecting it around the clock. Yet, even when you are not at home, there are things you can do to help prevent vandalism.

Keep shrubbery trimmed

Tall shrubbery can offer ideal places for criminals to hide while trying to break into your home. Keep trees, shrubs and greenery around doorways and windows to a minimum, no more than one foot tall.

Add lighting

Keeping your property lit helps defer criminals who prefer to remain unseen. Illuminate your house and property from all sides and install motion detectors that activate floodlights around doorways. This will also help light the way when you or your guests arrive and depart. Consider using timed lighting both inside and out that gives the home the appearance that someone is at home, even if you are away.

Upgrade locks

It takes only a few minutes to upgrade older locks to deadbolt or keyless locks. Check window locks and ensure that they are secure and work properly.

Install an alarm or surveillance cameras

Minimally, an alarm system that sounds and flashes when tripped is an excellent deterrent. Step it up with a 24-hour monitoring system that alerts a security company and police when doors, windows or other openings are tampered with. Surveillance cameras can allow you to see what is going on at your home in real time, with alerts through your mobile device. Post security signage near doors and windows.

Keep up with property maintenance

Keep your property looking nice by trimming the lawn and bushes, repairing exterior paint and features, and disposing of yard debris. Vandals are more likely to target a home that looks abandoned, run down or unoccupied.

Hire a house-sitting service

If you are planning to be away from home for a period of time, hire a house-sitting service like Först Consulting Group to watch over your property. We will gather or forward your mail and packages, take care of yard maintenance, and check your home inside and out. We’ll even prepare your home for your return arrival. Our residential property management professionals will take care of everything, and keep you informed if any issues should arise.

Först Consulting Group provides a number of services for homeowners throughout Northern Virginia. We’d love to be of service to you. Please consult our website and contact us if you have questions or need our assistance.