7 Ways To Talk With Your Contractor if You Have a Dispute

contractor-homeowner-disputeWhen embarking on a large construction project it is inevitable that there will be some bumps. Those bumps don’t need to turn into mountains, however. And you certainly want to avoid legal action if at all possible. That’s why we’re offering 7 ways to talk with your contractor if you have a dispute.

#1. Take Some Deep Breaths

Your initial reaction to a conflict might be anger. After all, you’re paying a lot of money for the job to be done properly and to your satisfaction. Speaking in anger is a sure way to move things downhill fast. Anger causes snap judgments, damaging decisions, and hurtful words, all of which could lead to drawn-out arguments and bad will on the project. When you talk with your contractor, make sure you’re relaxed and calm. Step away if you have to, and take a few deep breaths, before resuming the conversation.

#2. Stick to Business

Don’t take the contractor dispute personally; look at the job as a business arrangement—which is what it is. Keep your relationship with your contractor professional at all times, and speak in a professional manner when addressing your contractor. This will reduce the experience of counterproductive emotions like anger.

#3. Refer to Your Contract

When you think you have a problem, refer to your contract first. Review start and completion times, who pays for what, the items ordered, and other important details that should be spelled out. Be sure you are in the right before addressing your contractor.

#4. Try to Work it Out

If possible, try to work things out amicably. You may find that when you talk with your contractor, what you perceived as a problem is really part of the process. Or, there may have been a miscommunication, which a simple conversation can easily resolve.

#5. Get Proof

If the problem goes deeper, and after looking over your contract and talking with your contractor you realize this could get sticky fast, gather evidence of the problem. This will make your case stronger should you move towards meditation or need to eventually pursue legal action in your contractor dispute. If you’re not sure what kinds of proof you need, Först Consulting Group can provide a private construction defect inspection and complete documentation of the issue that can prove your side of the dispute and hold up in court should things go that far.

#6. Hire a Mediator

If you feel like you cannot talk to your contractor, or things have gone too far, use a construction project manager like Först Consulting Group to represent you. We can oversee your entire construction project, or simply act as a go-between with you and your contractor. Our extensive experience in construction, along with our negotiation skills can often help resolve a dispute that otherwise may have elevated to legal action.

#7. Don’t Talk Bad About the Contractor

Do not post a bad online review of your contractor dispute. This will not only add tension to an already-charged situation, it can actually work against you as our previous post explains.

Contractor Dispute? Contact Först Consulting Group

If you’re stuck with how to talk with your contractor when you have a dispute, contact Först Consulting Group. We can help you negotiate a conflict to your satisfaction, and/or provide legal documentation and expert witness services should the matter not be resolvable between you and your contractor. Don’t wait until things get worse. Contact Först Consulting Group today.


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