8 Things that Can Go Wrong on a Homeowner Construction Project

problems_on_homeowner_construction_jobWhat can go wrong on a construction project? Frankly, a lot of things.

Whether you are planning a home remodel or new construction project, there are many considerations to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Turning your plans and ideas into reality can be a joyous and enjoyable experience; however, the process can also become a real disaster if you don’t know how to avoid the most common problems that can arise on any construction project, like these:

Contractor No-Show

Before hiring your contractor, check them out thoroughly. Verify their licenses and call their references. Make sure they are reliable and respectable, and develop both a plan and a schedule before they start working on your project. It’s too late when they stop showing up on your jobsite on a regular basis.

Multiple Project Overload

Your contractor or their subcontractors may be unable to finish your project on time if they are taking on several large projects at once. Or they may stop working on your project if a bigger one comes along that pays them more money. Setting a schedule with planned checkpoints can ensure that the project proceeds as planned.

Delivery Delays

Delays of materials and products can happen on any job, however, an experienced contractor should have a backup plan should this happen. Perhaps they’ll work on another aspect of your project while they’re waiting for delivery or replacement, or maybe they’ll have another supplier or contacts at this supplier who can expedite your order.

Bad Weather

Unfortunately, no one can control the weather, so there is not much the contractor can do if the work is susceptible to weather conditions. But it can prevent workers from following the daily or weekly schedule. It might be a good idea to plan a few extra days for your project timeline in case weather conditions make it impossible to work.

Accidents and Injuries

While accidents and injuries happen on a construction site, it is the contractor’s job to take appropriate safety measures to minimize the risk of work-related injuries. Your contractor is responsible for following the guidelines and recommendations set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and should be constantly checking the site for any potential hazards and taking a proactive approach to injury prevention. Homeowners should also be alert to any potential safety hazard and notify the contractor should one be found.

Failure to Meet Expectations

Your contractor or their subcontractors can do a poor job that fails to meet your expectations. For quality service, choose a reputable contractor who has worked on other jobs with his subcontractors and knows they are equal to the task. This is another reason why it is important to check references for previous work quality and satisfaction.

Lack of Funds

Sometimes it’s the homeowner who runs out of money before the project is completed, especially if change orders are required during the course of the job. Build a comprehensive work plan with your contractor prior to beginning construction to ensure that what is presented fits within your budget. You may want to set aside an allowance for overages, since unexpected problems often come up during construction.

Not Having the Correct Permits

Not getting all the necessary permits for your project can cost money and potentially extend its duration. Instead of assuming what type of work needs a permit, check with your local government representatives to find out if what you are planning is legally allowed and to learn which specific permits you need to get the job done.

You Need a Construction Advocate on Your Side: Först Consulting Group

Most homeowners are unfamiliar with the processes of hiring for and managing a construction job. That’s why it’s good to know that you have an advocate on your site. Even before you hire a contractor, or during your construction project, consult with Först Consulting Group.

As a homeowner’s construction advocate for homeowners in Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C., we can help you select and vet a contractor, review contracts and plans, provide construction project management and inspections, and even assist with negotiations in the event of a dispute.

To put your mind at ease that your home is built or remodeled in a safe, responsible way, contact Först today. We are happy to help you complete your dream project just as you imagined it.


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