man-covering-ears-Condo-noise-problemA recent construction of a six-unit condominium building in Washington D.C. sold units for more than $1.1 million each, but that doesn’t mean the owners got what they paid for. The new residents have been plagued with one particular problem: noise.

When the ultra-modern units were constructed, the walls between them are obviously lacking because neighbors can clearly hear conversations and snoring from one unit to another.

The reasons for this could be because the walls were built too thin, or that they are hollow. Or it could mean that there is no insulation between the walls. According to fire code requirements, walls between units are required to be substantial partition walls and in some cases filled with insulation.

Or perhaps the units were made using cheaper materials. This can often lead to future problems, such as with the recent fire at a high-rise building in London.

What can the condo homeowners do?

At this point, we are not sure that the construction was faulty or that unsubstantial materials were used. Some investigation needs to be done.

The first thing the homeowners can do is build up a case of proof. One resource is to perform test the noise levels using specialized equipment called a noise level meter. Först Consulting Group does this for clients.

This creates a baseline, and from this baseline, we can generate a noise report. Then, based on our findings, we can offer expert advice on how to proceed. With this evidence, the homeowners can potentially have a basis, to file a case against the construction contractor. If all six unit homeowners file, the case could become substantial.

If the case does end up going to court, Först can also provide expert witness testimony as construction experts as to our findings. This unbiased, third-party point of view, backed by the proof, can be the tipping point to winning the case.

How can these homeowners remediate the noise problem?

For remediation, there are several things that can be done. The most drastic solution is to remove the walls and install better-insulating ones. Another option is to install double drywall and blow in sound insulation within the walls. We can help advise on the best solution, based on our findings.

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