Först’s Construction Errors Services Featured in Middleburg Life Magazine

inspecting-construction-errorsWhen local resident Michele Mitchell noticed huge construction errors on her 2,600-square-foot home remodel, she didn’t know who to turn to. She searched the Internet for a professional home inspector–someone who could help.

But all she found was regular home inspectors; the type who inspect homes for sale. She needed someone with more experience on code and building requirements, an expert in construction errors. That’s when she found Matthew Furlong of Först Consulting Group.

Mitchell’s story was a nightmare. In trying to remodel her home, she experienced faulty construction, uncooperative contractors, and not one, but two lawsuits.

She needed someone to tell her that what she was seeing on the construction site was indeed faulty. And she needed someone to serve as an expert witness in court.

Matthew-Furlong-Först-Consulting-GroupMatthew Furlong fit the bill. Called in for a roof inspection on a standing seam metal roof that obviously was not constructed correctly, he started to notice other major construction errors, which he pointed out to Mitchell. She had him inspect for more. He documented his findings in a 102-page report of construction and code violations that she used as evidence in her legal defense. Furlong also served as an expert witness to help Mitchell win her case.


Read the entire story in Middleburg Life, August 2018.


Learn Tips to Avoid Construction Errors

The article also provides helpful legal tips on how to avoid and navigate construction problems, offered by John Cowherd, a local construction attorney.

We share this story in hopes that it will help other homeowners who may find themselves in similar construction errors situations.

Suspect Construction Errors? Homeowners Have an Advocate in Först Consulting Group

Först Consulting Group offers expert services to ensure correct construction practices and compliance with building codes. We can perform a professional inspection, provide a complete report of documentation, and serve as a construction expert witness should you need litigation support.

If you suspect construction errors and live in the Washington DC metropolitan area, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact Först today.


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