How to Find a Construction Expert Witness

construction-expert-witnessSo, you have a construction claim. Your contractor and you are at odds and cannot come to a resolution. And it looks like you might need to go to court. You should consider engaging a construction expert witness.

One of the best ways to support your case is to engage an expert witness. But how do you find one?  After all, there is no such job as “expert witness” as there is, say, a dentist or doctor. Usually, construction expert witnesses are themselves professionals in the construction field who dedicate part of their practice to provide inspection and testimony to support litigation.

Here are four strategies to locating an expert witness:

Trust Your Attorney

Your attorney may already have an affiliation with a construction expert witness, or have contacts with other attorneys who can provide a referral. They are well connected and can share their experiences with expert witnesses they have used in the past. If a witness has not performed well, they will know not to engage that particular person. If you are already engaged in a legal dispute, your attorney may recommend an expert witness on your behalf.

Ask Around

Your friends, co-workers, family members, or professional contacts may know of an expert who can provide you with the construction expert services you need. They may have used an expert witness in the past, or can refer you to an organization where you can meet professionals.

Contact a Professional Organization

Construction professionals often belong to professional organizations such as the Home Builders Association. You can attend a meeting or contact the association to inquire about expert witness professionals. They may maintain a list of those providing such services, or can introduce you to people they believe can help.

Consult an Expert Witness Directory

Expert witnesses, like Matthew Furlong of Först Consulting Group, are often listed in directories like JurisPro. These directories provide links to professionals by trade and expertise.

What Can an Expert Witness Do To Help You Win Your Case?

An expert witness can corroborate your side of the story and support it with facts. Litigators win cases on facts; the more supporting evidence you have, the stronger your case will be.

A construction expert witness is highly knowledgeable on the practices, defects, costs, compliances and codes of the construction industry. They perform a physical inspection on your claim and create a detailed report listing the facts and findings that can corroborate (or debunk) your side of the case. If the facts do not suffice, this person can also appear in court to support their findings before a judge and/or jury through testimony or cross examination. Your attorney will work with your expert witness to build a solid case.

Bear in mind that an expert witness is limited to the facts, whether it is physical facts such as a code violation or photographs, or expert opinion based on the professional’s extensive expertise in the construction field. They cannot submit their personal opinions as legal testimony.

Construction Expert Witness Matthew W. Furlong

Matthew W. Furlong, president of Först Consulting Group has a growing reputation as a credible construction expert witness who is helping litigators win cases. He can serve to represent either side in a construction dispute, but not both sides in the same case. View his list of litigation support services.

Engaging an expert witness begins with a conversation. If you are an attorney, homeowner, or construction professional who needs a construction expert witness, please contact us today. We serve clients throughout the United States.


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