construction forensic investigationMost people are aware of the term “forensic investigation” from watching TV crime shows like CSI or Law & Order SVU. But they may not exactly know what a forensic investigation entails.

As a rough definition, a forensic investigation involves the gathering and analysis of all evidence in order to come to a conclusion. In the case of crimes, investigators are looking for evidence through blood, fingerprints, fluids or hair, or computers, hard drives and phones, for example. They want to know how the crime took place and to gather enough evidence to identify the perpetrator.

Forensics don’t just take place with violent crimes. They can be used for audits or accounting fraud, electronic discovery (e-discovery), archaeology, handwriting, psychology, or toxicology, to name a few types. Corporate investigations can uncover disgruntled employees, Internet abuse or intellectual property theft. In our case, they are used to uncover construction issues.

What is a Construction Forensic Investigation?

What we at Först Consulting Group do are forensic investigations and inspections for construction issues and performance problems such as bad or faulty construction practices, mold, rot and decay, moisture problems, odors, air quality, cracks, leaks, building code violations, and more.

Först Consulting Group will perform a thorough inspection of the area in question (or the whole building, if necessary), and provide a complete and detailed report, including forensic evidence that includes photographs, videos, readings, measurements and citations of building codes and requirements. We’re looking for proof of either a construction error, a construction failure, or a toxicology.

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Why Do You Need a Construction Forensic Investigation?

Most of our clients contact us because they either know of or suspect an issue in their home or building. As construction and forensic investigation experts, we know exactly what to look for. We use our certifications in various fields, building codes, and our construction knowledge to “take apart” a construction scene and uncover the probable cause or issue.

In addition to documenting our findings, Först provides estimated costs and methods for remediation of an issue. We know, based on our findings, approximately how much it will cost to fix the situation. We can recommend vendors if needed.

Another reason to require a construction forensic investigation is to show proof in a legal dispute. Our inspections will hold up in litigation as expert evidence. If you need us to provide expert testimony to help win your case, we can do that also.

Sometimes it’s your word against your contractor’s, especially if you are not a construction expert yourself. And without proof and evidence, it’s hard to win your case. Just the fact that you have a construction expert like Först on your side can help you in your dispute with your contractor. We can help negotiate a mutually-satisfactory settlement that can help you avoid going to court.

Först Consulting Group is On Your Side

If you suspect a construction problem, trust Först Consulting Group. We provide expert construction advice, consulting, inspections, home testing and documentation to people throughout Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland, and litigation support and expert witness testimony to people nationwide. Trust us with your construction forensic investigation. Contact Först today if you suspect a construction problem.