Feeling a Draft? You Need an Energy Efficiency Audit.

thermal_imaging_energy_efficiencyWith summer’s hot months ahead, it is surely pleasant to have a good, energy efficient, air conditioning unit. But what good is spending all that money on air conditioning when air leakage in your homes just sends all that expensive, cooled air out the windows?

When cooling or heating your home, it is important to have good energy efficiency. This will not only save on your utility bills, it will ensure your family’s comfort within the home. Ask anyone if their home is cold or drafty and you’re sure to get a lively response.

Först Consulting Group Can Test Your Home for Energy Efficiency

Air leaks can create cold spots or drafts within a house, as well as let moisture seep in from high humidity levels. Using an infrared camera and thermal imaging testing, Först can locate areas in your home where air leaks are present or insulation is missing.

We have found instances where contractors have remodeled a bathroom and during the course of construction, have pushed the insulation out of the way to install a new bath fan, for example. Then they never restored the insulation. This leaves a large cold spot in the ceiling that can be picked up on the thermal imaging camera as a blue area. Without testing, you’ll never know what’s going on behind your walls without opening them up.

Our equipment can also detect water behind stucco, or indicate whether a circuit panel breaker is bad. It displays the precise temperatures of whatever you’re pointing it at. Energy testing can also ensure that all GFI outlets are working correctly, check for drafts around outlets and ceiling light fixtures, and indicate leaks in the HVAC system and its joints that need to be sealed.
IRC codes (International Residential Codes) require energy compliance in a home for more efficiency, and for new construction, the book is updated every three years. This code creates minimum regulations for all building, plumbing, mechanical, fuel gas, energy and electrical provisions for one- and two-family residences.

Ideal times to perform an energy audit are when you are remodeling, have just had doors or windows installed, or for a pre-listing or home inspection, as well as if you notice any temperature fluctuations.

Schedule Your Energy Audit Today

An energy audit is inexpensive and can save you money on your heating and cooling bills for years to come. If you are located in Northern Virginia or Washington, D.C., contact Först Consulting Group today to schedule your energy audit.


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