What to Look for in a Final Walk-Through Inspection

After months of construction on a new home or a remodel, you may want to hurry through the last inspection so you can settle in. It’s important to curb that impulse, however, because the walk-through inspection is your last opportunity to have the contractor take care of any unfinished details before final payment. Likewise, it is important to know what to look for in a walk-through inspection.

Take your time during your final walk-through inspection. Houses are composed of many parts, and each should be checked carefully before you sign off. Here are the places you should devote extra attention to when you’re making your walk-through inspection in order to create your final “punch list.”

Final Walk-Through Inspection Checklist

Entrances and Exits

Doors and windows are important not just as safety features that allow you to secure your home, but also as filters to keep out insects, bad weather, and other undesirable elements. Check that:

  • All windows and doors open and shut easily, and all locks work properly
  • All screens are present and fully functioning
  • Door and window glass is as ordered (for example, double panes where required) and intact
  • The garage door operates properly and the remote is accessible and fully operative

Plumbing and Water

While walking through the house with your contractor, turn on each faucet to ensure that the water has been hooked up properly. Let the water run a few minutes to ensure the right pressure and temperature can be achieved. Check that:

  • All the toilets flush properly.
  • The dishwasher is connected and works correctly
  • The washer is hooked up and operational. If possible, run the washer on a short cycle.
  • Drains are draining properly in all sinks, showers and tubs
  • All overflows work in sinks and tubs by using drain stoppers and filling up the basins
  • Any special water features, like sprinkler systems, bathtub jets, and sink hoses work as designed.
  • There are no leaks. Check as well for mold growth or water damage.

Electric Features

During your walk-through inspection, check to make sure electrical elements are functioning properly. Check that:

  • All light switches and light bulbs are functional
  • All outlets have plate covers and are working
  • The circuit breaker box is clearly labeled for easy use
  • All other electric features, like doorbells and thermostat boxes, are connected and working.
  • There are no exposed or frayed wires in or around the house

Heating and Cooling

Make sure that the heating and cooling systems work. Often homeowners only check the one they’d immediately be using, like heat if they’re moving in the winter. Check that:

  • The heating system works and works quickly/efficiently
  • The cooling system is operational
  • Fireplaces are clean, clear and properly functioning

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All appliances should be tested for proper installation and operation. Run the washer, dryer and dishwasher through a cycle. Test the stove, burners, dryer, built-in microwaves and refrigerator/freezers before signing off on the home.

Finishing Touches

Finally, look around to make sure that the home itself is completed properly. At this stage in the final walk-through, check that:

  • Handrails are be finished and secured
  • Walls show no moving or work damage. Check for nail pops and proper drywall installation.
  • Floors are finished properly, with no damaged or rough spots, or exposed areas if covered in carpeting or tile. Any grouting should be clean and complete.
  • All construction debris is removed, and no contractor personal property is left on site

For Help with Your Final Walk-Through Inspection, Contact Först Consulting Group

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