Home Medical Equipment Needs a Back-up Plan

stair-liftFörst Consulting Group works with a number of clients in Northern Virginia who require medical equipment like ventilators, stair lifts or monitors in their daily lives. Whenever we encounter someone who relies on medical equipment, we always urge them to consider a backup plan in case the electricity goes out.

In Northern Virginia, we have a number of summer electrical storms that can easily knock down branches and wires, cutting off electrical supplies for hours or even days. Although many portable and non-portable ventilators are equipped with battery backup, they are not sufficient to supply much-needed oxygen for more than several hours. If your power is out for longer, you could be in trouble.

That’s why we recommend a backup generator.

Types of Back-up Generators

Back-up generators come in a variety of styles and sizes, most often fueled by gasoline or propane. A small generator can provide between 1,000 to 2,000 watts and is generally inexpensive, but can only run small electrical items.  A mid-size portable generator (3,000-10,000 watts) that is capable of running lighting and appliances as well as most medical equipment may be a better choice.

A more substantial alternative is a large, automatic-start generator (7,000-40,000 watts) that comes on automatically when the power goes out. It can be attached to a natural gas line or exterior propane tank for extended activity.

Let Forst Help You Select the Right Medical Back-up Generator

Knowing which back-up generator is right for your needs is something Först Consulting Group can advise on.  We can also help you choose and install your generator. Please contact us. We’ll be glad to help.