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When building or remodeling a home, not everything always goes smoothly. It’s unfortunate, but it happens. Contractors take shortcuts, construction errors are made, or disputes arise between the homeowner and the contractor. When problems occur, homeowners often wonder how to find a construction expert who can offer a second opinion or help them to resolve a construction-related conflict.

A construction expert can assist homeowners:

  • Prior to engaging a contractor—helping to choose and vet a suitable contractor, negotiate contracts and set the project up for success.
  • During a construction project—reviewing work for construction errors, guiding the homeowner, verifying code compliances, or resolving conflicts.
  • Following a construction project—providing professional inspection and documentation of suspected construction errors, offering expert opinion and serving as an expert witness.

What is a Construction Expert?

A construction expert “has extensive knowledge and expertise of the construction industry,” states The Expert Institute. This person’s expertise spans the construction industry including “construction law such as building delays, codes and compliance, construction costs, and construction defects.” It can also include “factors such as the building process, construction contracts, financing, bonds and insurance, construction management, mechanic’s liens, land use and zoning, licensing, regulatory compliance, and government permits,” along with construction accidents and construction injury, and more.

How Does One Become a Construction Expert?

To become a construction expert, one must have knowledge and skills in the construction field. This hands-on experience in building practices, legal requirements, and cost management give the base for expertise. From there, a construction expert must continue to learn, taking courses, acquiring certifications, and joining professional organizations. He or she must also keep abreast of any changes or updates to construction law.

Who Needs a Construction Expert?

There are a number of people and professions who rely on the professional opinions of a construction expert. Some of them include:

  • Homeowners when they question a contractor’s work and want a professional second opinion.
  • Building contractors when they need to defend their own work.
  • Lawyers when they require expert witness testimony in a construction dispute case.
  • Insurance companies when they need documentation to prove construction errors or faulty workmanship.

How To Find a Construction Expert?

One of the best ways to find a construction expert is to ask around in your town. Professional building organizations and construction lawyers can often give a referral to one. Another way is to check expert witness directories under “construction experts,” like A third way is to do an Internet search for “construction expert” or “construction expert witness.”

Construction Experts Först Consulting Group

Först Consulting Group was established to provide construction expert services to homeowners, contractors, attorneys, insurance companies, and other individuals and professions who need highly-trained opinions and documentation on construction issues. Located in Northern Virginia, we serve clients throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area. For expert opinion and expert witness services, we serve clients throughout the United States.

You don’t have to undergo a construction defect issue alone, with Först Consulting Group on your side. If you need to find a construction expert, contact us to see how we can help you avoid construction problems in the first place, or help you win your defense if one has occurred.

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