Improper Cabinet Installation Can Cause Injury

improper-cabinet-installationWhen cabinetry is not installed correctly it opens the doors for possible, and potentially, serious injury. Whether installed in a home or an office, proper cabinet installation procedures must be followed for cabinetry to be safe to use.

Each set of cabinets, no matter if they are of the same brand, has unique installation requirements. This is mainly due to the support systems needed to support the cabinets. Errors generally occur during the installation to the supporting structure when appropriate points of attachment are neglected, or through the use of improper attachment hardware.

Other things that can lead to improper cabinet installation include:

  • Improper measurement for space between walls, ceiling heights, windows, doors and appliance slots
  • Not having a professional design layout
  • Not inspecting cabinets for defects or incorrect sizes after they have been delivered
  • Cabinet spacers
  • Unlevel or offset installation
  • Wrong screw sizes

Improperly-installed cabinets can fall from the wall, causing severe injury to those nearby, and liability to you or your business. They can topple either during use, as when doors or drawers are opened, or from the weight of its contents that cause the cabinets to give way without notice. The weight of a fully-loaded cabinet can easily cause crush injuries. Children prone to climbing on countertops can pull on cabinets, causing them to separate from their wall mounts. Or shoppers trying to reach items on top shelves can cause the entire cabinet structure to fall.

When construction deadlines are looming, cabinets may need to be installed quickly, and shortcuts could be taken. Or systems may be mounted temporarily, with plans to return and complete the cabinet installation, without the home or office owner’s awareness. Do-it-yourselfers may not understand or follow installation instructions. Modular systems are especially susceptible to improper installation since they are often put in by the end users themselves and may contain interchangeable sections.

Professional Inspection Can Determine Proper Cabinet Installation

It is critically important that all cabinets be installed correctly. But as a home or business owner, you may not know the proper installation procedures. That’s where you need a professional inspection.

Först Consulting Group can inspect your cabinets for proper installation, checking attachment points, hardware, and electrical or plumbing connections to ensure they are secure. We will also look at the construction and manufacturer quality to ensure that your cabinets are capable of handling the type of use for which you intend them and that they do not contain critical defects. We will also refer to building code requirements and notify you if codes are not met. You will receive a complete report of our findings, along with corroborating evidence of installation errors you can use to either go back to the installation firm for remediation or to use in a legal dispute.

If you notice that your cabinets seem loose, are sagging, or if you suspect that your installer has not done the job properly, get a professional inspection. It’s not worth the pain, suffering, and potential legal liability of an accident.

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