In My Expert Opinion…

Loosely defined in Wikipedia, an expert witness, professional witness, or judicial expert is a person who, through experience, training, education or skill, has the expertise and specialized knowledge in a particular subject greater than the average person’s, and who can be relied upon to provide a professional opinion about evidence or a fact.

Sometimes experts are used to help settle disputes in construction claims, at other times they are involved in the litigation process and called upon during discovery or in court to deliver an opinion. As such, their opinions carry great weight and generally have considerable impact on any proceeding.

In construction claims, issues can be complex, and someone with forensic investigation experience is desirable. Records, accounts, workmanship, codes, materials, contracts, and many other items can all come into play in the investigation.

Generally, the expert witness is hired by the person desiring to prove the claim, and fees depend upon the amount of forensic investigation to be done and the scope of services to be delivered.

Matthew Furlong, president of Först Consulting Group, has served as an expert witness in a number of investigations. “Generally my comments and opinions about the various aspects are based upon my nearly 20 years of my working in the building and construction industry, participation in dozens of training sessions and seminars, manufacturers’ product instruction, standards promoted in the IRC, and my previous experience as an expert witness, ” he described. To add further credibility, he is also a Virginia Class A Contractor with a Custom Builder designation, a NARI member, a Lead-Certified Safe firm, and retains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

If you think you need expert testimony, or expert forensic investigation, give Matthew a call.