Matthew Furlong Earns Certified Forensic Consultant Designation

Matthew-Furlong-CFC-certificateMatthew Furlong of Först Consulting Group earned the prestigious Certified Forensic, CFC®, designation from the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute® (ACFEI). This program recognizes a forensic consultant’s training, experience and dedication to the highest standards in the American judicial system. CFCs are often brought into civil and criminal court cases to provide objective analysis, expert opinions and specialized knowledge of evidence.

The CFC course and exam prepares the forensic consultant to be successful in court by covering a diverse range of related topics, including professional ethics, writing error-proof reports, preparing interrogatories and deposition testimony, presenting testimonial evidence and opinions, and complying with jurisdictional rules.

It contributes to the weight of testimony and helps to verify the validity of the presented evidence, the application of specialized knowledge to the facts in a case, and the evidence’s relevance to the issues in the case.

We hope that your dispute can be settled without going to court, and we can help you provide forensic evidence and testimony, whether you settle out of court or not. Everything you can do to build your case helps.

Facing a Construction Dispute? Contact Först Consulting Group

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