Först Consulting Group is often called upon by homeowners to either verify or dispute errors in construction.

When remodeling a home, building a new home, or simply repairing items in the home, errors can happen. Sometimes they are quite obvious, but at other times they are subtle. You just get a feeling that something isn’t quite right.

You’ve then tried to talk to the contractor, but you’re not getting a satisfactory answer. That’s when you need to call Först Consulting Group for a Construction Consultation.

What is a Visible Error?

A visible error is one that can be seen without removing a covering. For example, if we can see what’s going on above the floorboards or outside the walls, that is a visible error; whereas if we have to remove floorboards or walls to find out what the problem is beneath them, it is not visible.

Why You Need an Expert

The reason you need an expert is to verify, “Yes, there is a problem” and “Now what do we do about it?”

We’ll look over the issue and conduct a forensic investigation if necessary. At Först Consulting Group, we’re highly experienced in all areas of construction, and can identify problems. And being building professionals we can also advise our clients on a cause, solution and estimated costs to correct the problem. Then you can take it to the next step of remediation.

Först Consulting Group was formed to advocate and advise in the event of construction issues. Please feel free to call us and discuss your problem.