Matthew Furlong, CBC, RBC, of Först Consulting Group, is pleased to announce that he is now a member listed in the expert witness directory.

As an expert witness, Matthew provides testimony, relevant opinions and professional advice to support legal cases and disputes in the area of building and construction practices, and jobsite health and safety. You can find his profile and Curriculum Vitae at


What is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness is an individual who possesses specialized knowledge, skills or expertise in a particular field, and is called upon to provide their professional opinion or testimony in legal proceedings, such as arbitrations and court. They can be engaged by attorneys on either the plaintiffs or defendants side to assist with matters involving complex technical, scientific or specialized subjects. Or they can be hired by individuals who need evidence during negotiations or mediations to support their claims.

The role of an expert witness is to provide objective and impartial analysis and interpretation of evidence or information within their area of expertise. They may be required to submit a written report of their detailed opinions, analyses and conclusions, and they could be asked to provide oral testimony and be questioned by a judge or lawyers.

Matthew Furlong’s Expertise in Construction Error or Defect Claims

Matthew Furlong provides clients with expertise in construction defect forensic investigation; building, electrical and mechanical inspections; building code analysis; litigation support; and expert legal support services. He holds a Virginia Class ‘A’ Contractor’s license, with both Residential and Commercial Building Contractor designations, a Washington, DC General Contractor’s license, and a Pennsylvania Home Improvement license.

He is also certified as a Residential and Commercial Building Inspector, and a certified Residential Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical Inspector through the International Code Council (ICC).

Not only can Matthew, as an expert witness, identify and analyze construction errors, he can also evaluate adherence to industry standards, pinpoint design flaws, assess construction practices and estimate the financial impact of the errors. His insights and opinions, supported by comprehensive documentation and reports, can serve as compelling evidence to strengthen your position.

Matthew’s expertise goes beyond the courtroom as well. He can be instrumental during settlement negotiations, as his expertise adds weight to your demands and highlights the potential risk the opposing party faces if the case proceeds to trial. His credibility and objectivity provides a solid foundation for informed decision-making and fair resolutions.

An Expert Witness Provides You with an Advantage

There are a number of ways you can use the findings or testimony of an expert witness to your advantage. They can:

  • Offer expertise and credibility through their specialized knowledge. This lends weight and credibility to your case due to their professional background and qualifications.
  • Clarify complex issues. Legal cases often involve technical, scientific or industry-specific concepts. Your expert witness can simplify and explain complex issues in context, without technical jargon, in a manner understandable to a court, judge or jury.
  • Support or challenge evidence and offer an expert opinion on its relevance, reliability or credibility.
  • Provide testimony in court and written reports to educate, clarify or reinforce arguments.
  • Mitigate bias with impartial and objective analysis, regardless of which party has engaged them.
  • Strengthen settlement negotiations through leverage and support of a bargaining position.

When you need to pursue a construction error claim, the role of an expert witness can be important. Because of their specialized knowledge and experience, and their ability to clarify complex issues, the right expert witness can make all the difference in presenting a strong and compelling case. By selecting an expert witness with the appropriate credentials, expertise and track record in construction errors, you enhance your chances of success.

Först Consulting Group is the Right Expert Witness for Your Construction Error Claim

In the world of construction litigation, the right expert witness can be the game-changer you need to tip the scales in your favor. When you need an expert witness for your construction claim, trust Matthew Furlong of Först Consulting Group.

Contact Matthew Furlong at Först Consulting Group at 703-268-8699 to schedule your initial consultation.