What’s With Our Name– Först?

Many people have been asking us about our name: Först Consulting Group. They want to know where we got it and if it has any special meaning.  So I thought it was time to share the story.

As many of you know, I got married in May 2015 and simply, Först is my wife Mareike’s maiden name. It is a German name, and we have been able to trace my wife’s family and the name to the northwestern edge of the Harz mountain range in the Pfalz area of Germany, all the way back to 1789. My own heritage is German as well.

Since my first business was named for me—Furlong Construction Company—I thought it was only right that I named my second business for her. (So did she.)

Sadly, not many people still carry the name Forst, so we wanted to keep this name alive in our own little way. Most surnames now containing the form Först are usually written as Förster or Försterling. The surname is derived from the word först, which means “forest” and someone who either lives or works in the forest.

Mareike Furlong works as a Scientific Researcher at the University of Düsseldorf in the Department of Educational Research and Management. Furthermore, she is a proctor for the Columbia Southern University. Currently Matthew and Mareike maintain two homes: in Düsseldorf, Germany and Bluemont, Virginia.

There’s Another Reason for the Name

Another reason we chose the name Först is because it represents our commitment to the German reputation for high-quality workmanship and engineering. Our quality has always been a standard and much-acclaimed feature at Furlong Construction, and it carries through to our newest venture here at Först Consulting Group.

At Först Consulting Group, we use our years of experience and talents to provide specialized services to our clients throughout Northern Virginia, acting on their behalf uphold standards in construction and construction practices.

If you suspect a construction default, have an issue with your contractor, need an expert witness, or other expert consultation, please give Först a call. We’ll be glad to talk with you to see how we might help.