expert-witnessMatthew W. Furlong, president of Först Consulting Group, is becoming well known in the legal and construction fields serving in the capacity of an expert witness. Trusted by attorneys, insurance professionals and others involved in a construction dispute case, Furlong has been retained as an expert witness in more than 100 cases in just over three years.

In about 95% of his cases, Furlong is retained by the plaintiff and/or their legal representative. This is to defend the side of the person who claims injury to property or themselves. The other 5% of his engagements have represented the defendant, or the person being sued. However, in no cases can or will Furlong represent both sides of a single case.

Areas of expertise for which Furlong has been retained include but are not limited to: construction defects; best construction practices; contracts and delays analysis; building code inspection and compliance; energy efficiency; and jobsite safety and construction injury investigations.

What is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness is a person hired to testify at a trial to their particular and specific expertise in a field that is relevant to that case. The testimony of an expert witness is very powerful, and can often mean the difference between winning and losing a case.

Since legal disputes deal with the facts, much of the power in a legal case comes from proof and evidence. An expert in the field brings unique qualifications that can prove—or disprove—a claim using evidence of fact, in the form of a written report with documentation in accordance to legal guidelines and in verbal on-the-stand testimony.

An expert witness can also provide his or her expert opinion in regards to a case to support a claim. As a respected specialist, this opinion also carries weight. He or she does not have to be an eyewitness to the occurrence to stand as an expert witness.

Behind the scenes and prior to testifying on the stand or within a deposition, the expert witness must do his or her due diligence in uncovering the facts. This can involve visual and electronic inspections, testing, and documentation through reports and photographs to build a packet of fact-driven, supporting evidence to the claim. With these findings as a basis for winning a case, the burden of proof then shifts to the opposing counsel to defend their client.

Testifying on the stand, an expert witness presents the facts pertaining to the case. This witness may also be cross-examined by the opposing counsel, and the trial judge can also have a say in whether this expert is a credible source or not.

Först Consulting Group is a Trusted Expert Witness

As with any legal case, the proof is what wins in the end. The ability to become a credible expert relies on the expertise that person brings to the case. For Matthew Furlong, it is years of experience as owner of a construction/remodeling company along with a long list of credentials that include OSHA and FEMA training, certifications, affiliations and memberships, and ongoing classroom and independent study. You can see more of Furlong’s qualifications on the Först Consulting Group website.

Whether you end up going to court or not on a construction error claim or construction dispute, the inspections and reports supplied by Först Consulting Group can truly help you win your case. We work with individual homeowners, legal and insurance professionals, and contractors located throughout the United States and offer a complete range of investigative and reporting services.

If you are involved in a construction dispute, don’t wait. Contact Först Consulting Group today.