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Först -construction-advocate-for-homeownersFörst Consulting Group was pleased to be featured in an article titled “Be Your Own Best Advocate: Protecting Yourself as a Homeowner During a Construction Project” in the September/October 2017 issues of Viva Tysons and Viva Reston Lifestyle magazines.

In the article, Matthew Furlong, president of Först Consulting Group, explained how homeowners need to know enough about the construction process to protect themselves from contractor error or fraud.

Points in the article include:

  • How to check a contractor’s license and insurance
  • How much to pay and how much to hold back as a retention fee
  • How many quotes to obtain
  • Your budget allowances for selections
  • Construction permits and inspection milestones
  • Problem resolution options
  • When to hire a construction advocate
  • Court: the last resort

If homeowners suspect a construction error or problem, and either cannot work it out with the contractor, or need corroborating evidence and testimony against the contractor, that is when they need to call in a construction advocate, like Först Consulting Group.

Först can check to see if the project meets current codes, provide unbiased construction and forensic investigations and inspections, offer litigation support, and if the case goes to court, provide expert opinion and expert witness services.

In addition, Först can be hired to provide independent construction supervision, contract review and consulting, prior to, during, or following construction. Their role is to look out for the best interest of their client during the construction process, no matter what they need.

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Be Your Own Best Advocate with Först Consulting Group on Your Side

As the article states, you don’t have to undergo a construction project alone. Först Consulting Group offers a number of ways we can serve as your advocate before, during and after the project, and especially in times of contention. Please contact us today.



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