Five Money-Saving Reasons to Get Your Home Inspected Before You Put it On the Market

pre-sale-home-inspectionSpring is rapidly arriving, and that means the kick-off of the busiest season for real estate sales. If you are thinking of selling your home this spring, there is a very simple thing you can do to help make your home perhaps more desirable than others on the market.

A pre-sale home inspection.

You’re probably aware that almost all buyers hire a home inspector to look over the property before they commit to the purchase. What you may not know is that many home sellers are now getting home inspections before they put their home on the market.

There are a number of advantages to getting a pre-sale home inspection:

  1. You find out just what the problems are with your house.

    You may not know the problems that currently exist in your home—but your buyer’s home inspector will. By getting your home inspected prior to listing it, you have the opportunity to fix anything that could have potentially been a block to a buyer’s offer.

  2. You save money on repairs.

    Because you do not have to fix problems at the last minute to make a closing date, at a potentially higher or rush  charge, you can schedule contractors and servicepeople you know and trust at your convenience. You also have time to check around for the best pricing.

  1. You can provide an official inspection report.

    You can make available to prospective buyers a third-party inspection report on your home that will help buyers feel more comfortable making an offer. They know what the problems are, whether you fixed them (provide receipts), and in what condition the home is currently. This could mean the difference between someone choosing your home and another seller’s home.

  1. You take away a potential buyer’s bargaining chips.

    A buyer’s home inspector always finds something wrong with the house, whether it’s large or small, and these findings are often used by potential buyers to negotiate down the selling price. By eliminating these obstacles in advance, you also eliminate objections.

  1. You can sell faster and for a higher price.

    If you had the choice between an unknown and a known condition, which would you choose? Knowing your home is in good condition provides security in making a decision more quickly to put an offer on your home, versus a home where the condition is unknown. And since any issues have already been fixed, you can often claim your asking price…or higher.

Prepare ahead with a pre-sale inspection by Först Consulting Group

Först Consulting Group will conduct an in-depth pre-sale inspection of your home’s condition, checking for construction issues and code compliance, and examining, for example, your electrical and HVAC systems, kitchen area, fireplaces, moisture and air leakage.

Following your home inspection, Först provides you with a highly-detailed report listing any issues we find, along with estimated costs to remediate them.

Selling your home is stressful enough without having to deal with contractors and service technicians while you’re trying to move. If you live in Northern Virginia, contact Först Consulting Group to schedule your pre-sale home inspection today.


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