Först’s Step by Step Approach to Resolving Construction Issues

floor-bucklingHomeowners call Först Consulting Group when they have a construction problem. Their contractor has made an error, or tried to cover something up, but the homeowner knows it and has already tried to approach the builder about the problem but only got excuses or denials in return.

When the homeowners reach us for construction advocacy, they are already upset and are looking for someone to help, however, the last thing they want is another hassle. They most likely have been around and around with their contractor, so understandably, they often start off their inquiry with us a bit guarded or frustrated.

That’s why we try to make our first conversation easy.

What we’ve learned is that there are two things that put potential clients most at ease. They are: 1) someone who will listen, and 2) a step-by-step procedure of how we can help. So we address these two factors in our initial conversation.

First, we listen to the homeowner’s problem to learn what the construction deficiencies are, and they relax, knowing we are on their side of the dispute and can help.

Then we outline how our process works.

Steps to Generating a Construction Report

It normally takes Först Consulting approximately 40 hours to complete an investigation.  These hours include a complete review of the project and problem, a write-up of findings, research into issues and compliance guidelines, generation of a thorough professional report, and submission of the report to the homeowners, their attorney and the county deficiency inspector.

The next action is when the county inspector comes out to personally review the problem, going step by step through the list on the report Först Consulting provides. If their findings agree with our assessment of the problem, the county issues a corrective work report based on the report. This order requires your contractor, by law, to respond within a week and gives them a set number of days to fix the problem. All corrections are made at the builder’s expense, not the homeowner’s, and if the builder or contractor does not fix the problem, they are subject to legal ramifications.Having Först Consulting on their side provides homeowners with the ammunition in the form of a professional, third-party inspection report to get the issue resolved.

Don’t Wait Until the Problem Gets Worse; Call Först

We are thorough in our investigations. We not only look at the outside, we delve behind the walls and under floors to make sure of our findings when needed. You can be sure that we leave no stone – or crack – unturned. Your construction dispute is too important to both you and us.

If you are having an issue with faulty construction, or arguments with your builder or contractor regarding their work, please contact Först Consulting Group.


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