For a Smoother Project, Hire a Construction Supervisor Apart From Your Construction Team

home-remodeling-project-supervisorConstruction projects are no fun—at least while they are happening. There are decisions to make, schedules to keep, and people to supervise, not to mention the disruption, dust and mess surrounding the project. Yet one of the most difficult parts of any construction project comes with the fact that you, the homeowner, are ultimately responsible for all decisions.

Interestingly, homeowners are not always savvy on what it takes to make a construction project run successfully. They don’t have the knowledge, and most likely, have little time with their busy work and family schedules to keep tabs on every little aspect of the project.

Unscrupulous contractors know this, and may begin to cut corners to save a few dollars here or there or speed up the work. And you as the homeowner will never know it until a problem occurs later. The contractor may even try to cover up faulty work underneath a floor or within a wall. If you’re lucky, you might notice that things don’t line up correctly, or that the materials being installed, such as the tile, aren’t exactly what you had picked out. If you’re not, the problem can haunt you for as long as you own your home.

But how would you know?


Let Först Consulting Group act as your personal project manager

Did you know that you can hire an independent construction supervisor who advocates on YOUR side of the process as the homeowner? Först Consulting Group does that.

Först serves as your personal project manager. We visit your jobsite several times a week to oversee the project. While we’re there, we track performance, monitor the precision work, confirm conformity with contract, design specs and codes; and look for shortcuts. If we find anything amiss, we notify you immediately so you can catch the issue before it becomes a problem.

You are not the experts at the building process, but we are. Trust Först Consulting Group to care for your home like you do.  Contact Först today for a free initial consultation.


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