Först Consulting Group Loves Referrals

At Först Consulting Group, we’re pleased to say that most of our work comes directly from referrals given to us from our happy customers.

To Först, a referral is much more than a job. It is an endorsement of our quality work. When a customer goes out of their way to recommend us to their friends and family, they are essentially telling them (and us) how pleased they are with the product and service they received, and they set up the expectation of that same experience.

Then it is up to us to meet or exceed those expectations. We know that the new client will report back to their friend or family member on their experience and recommend us to their circle of influence, so we are dedicated to providing the best experience each and every time we interact with a customer.

Referral opportunities for Först Consulting Group come when someone you know is:

  • Renovating or remodeling (Owner’s Construction Advocate or Inspections)
  • Going away for a length of time (Residential Property Management)
  • Getting ready to sell their home (Private Pre-Sale Home Inspection Review)
  • Involved in construction litigation (Expert Witness Testimony, Construction Litigation Support)
  • Needing expert construction advice (Expert Advice and Opinion)
  • Requiring reports and documentation (Detailed Reports)
  • Questioning their contractor’s practices (Construction Defect Inspection)

Our extensive background in construction and our perfectionist attention to detail should make us an easy referral. We also provide a free initial consultation.

Thank you for your referrals

Last, but not least, thank you to those customers who have provided us with referrals throughout the years. We get a thrill every time we receive a referral, and that never gets old.

Call us with your referrals at 703-268-8699, or email us at info@forstconsultingllc.com.