Construction Inspection – What to Look for While the Work is Being Done

Even the slightest defect can wreak havoc on your construction project, and often the defects can be undetectable to the eye since they are hidden behind the walls. That’s why an independent Construction Inspection is so important. But many homeowners don’t think of it, trusting only the word of their contractor.

Först Consulting Group provides a professional inspection of the work in progress on your renovation or remodeling project, acting as your advocate to protect your home improvement investment.

Our inspection plan is based on the construction plans and specifications, looking at materials, construction methods, potential risks, safety issues, waterproofing, and the project scope. We then provide you, the homeowner, with extensive reports that include problems, expert opinion, advice on the quality of construction and workmanship, and cost estimates to remediate problems.

What Först Consulting Group Looks For in a Construction Inspection

Imperfections and Errors

First, we look for imperfections or the lack of required elements that would compromise the project, or the health and safety of your family and the site workers. As construction experts ourselves, we know when someone is cheating on the corners of a project, even though you may not. Catching these problems early helps avoid costly repairs later or possible lengthy litigation.


The quality of materials used and the quality of workmanship can make or break a construction project, and affecting your satisfaction with the final product. We check to make sure what you ordered is what is being done by cross-referencing with your original requests and plans.

Codes and Standards

Every project must adhere to strict building codes and standards in regards to plumbing, electrical and mechanical installations, as well as construction standards. Problems we often find include improper sub-panel wiring, unbalanced multi-wire circuits, air ventilation errors, and improper installation of flashing in roofing projects.

Phases of Construction

Different inspections normally take place at pre-determined stages of the construction project, like phase inspections, end-of-construction inspections, warranty inspections, code inspections, walk-through inspections, etc.  Having Först Consulting Group on your side allows you to ask questions along the way and feel confident in the construction process.

Make it our job to remove the worry from your construction project, by allowing Först Consulting Group to be your Owner’s Construction Advocate. Please contact us for a free initial consultation.