Does a Luxury Home Require a High-End Home Inspection?

luxury-home-inspectionMost people assume that a licensed home inspector can inspect any type of property, no matter its size, age or features. However, while licensed inspectors can do a terrific job at inspecting an average home, they may, however, not be skilled or experienced enough to perform a luxury home inspection.

Luxury homes are different than a normal residential home. They run an average of 4,000-10,000 square feet in size, cost $1.5 million or more, and possess many additional amenities and features. It is not unusual to find a luxury home with a swimming pool, sauna, spa, exercise room, wine cellar, high-end appliances, security systems, several heating and cooling systems, multiple fireplaces, and more extravagant features.

The sheer size alone of a high-end home can make a home inspection more difficult. Whereas a smaller-home inspection can be completed in just a couple of hours, a luxury home inspection may take one to two days to complete. It is a much more advanced and elaborate process.

Luxury Home Inspections Need a Different Approach

In a luxury home, most home systems, such as the HVAC and electrical systems, have more components and often more intricate technology than a typical home. These can be more difficult to both locate and inspect. For example, a typical home can have up to three electrical panels and around 40 circuits whereas a prestigious home can have multiple times more—more than 20 panels and as many as 200+ circuits.

A luxury home inspection can also be an overwhelming task for a home inspector who doesn’t have enough experience with sizeable, feature-rich properties. You should hire an inspector who is familiar with the technologies and amenities found in most prestigious homes.

High-End Home Owners Have Special Requirements

Another aspect of inspecting luxury homes that should not be overlooked is that of confidentiality. Both high-end buyers and sellers require discretion when purchasing or selling their homes. And in our region that includes Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C., security is of utmost importance. Many of our homeowners work in highly-sensitive and high clearance-requirement positions and need to work with a home inspector familiar with their particular requirements.

Working with industry leaders, diplomats, political figures, top executives and celebrities can be stressful for an average home inspector who doesn’t have experience with luxury homes or their home owners. This can lead to inefficiencies due to nervousness and an incomplete or incorrect home inspection.

Rely on Först Consulting Services

At Först Consulting Services, we specialize in high-end home inspections and have the background, certifications, tools and equipment to perform the task well. Over the years, we have become known as a trusted resource for high-income and high-profile clients for our range of services and discretion. Security is our priority too.

When you need a luxury home inspection, consider Först Consulting Services. We perform Pre-Sale Home Inspections as well as a variety of specialized inspections, along with Estate Management Services for times when you need to be away from your home for an extended period of time. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.


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