If your property has recently undergone remodeling, an addition or other construction, you as a homeowner may have noticed something that made you question the work. Errors occur even if the work was performed by a licensed contractor, especially in hidden areas of your home like inside walls, under flooring, or in attics or basements. If this has happened to you, you need a construction dispute expert on your side—you need Först Consulting Group.

The best time to contact Först Consulting Group is when you first discover a problem. Then, when it comes to resolving construction disputes, we as construction experts help homeowners, builders and architects, and attorneys acquire the detailed information required to obtain a clear and concise objective for resolution purposes.

Först Consulting Group provides the following services for homeowners, builders, architects, contractors and attorneys for the remediation of construction defects:

At Först Consulting Group, we focus on providing expert opinions, inspections, and support services for interior construction and renovation work throughout the Northern Virginia area. We collaborate with professional engineers in the event there is a structural problem, and geological experts for exterior erosion issues, and also work with local, state and regulatory officials for compliance in construction. We can also help interface with a corrective work order as needed.

You are encouraged to contact us for a free initial consultation.