Don’t Build a New Home Without Construction Consulting

Matthew Furlong, Först Consulting Group

Matthew Furlong, Först Consulting Group

When you’ve decided to build a home, there are many considerations—before, during and after the construction process. Since you may not be a construction expert yourself, you may want to use an expert like Först Consulting Group for construction consulting before making any major decisions.

Pre-Construction Consulting

Vetting a Contractor

Using our expertise, we can help you select and check out a building contractor. This can ensure your choice of a reliable, trustworthy and competent builder.

Reviewing/Negotiating Contracts

Once you sign the contract, you are committed to its terms, whether you understand them or not. Some terms may not be favorable to the homeowner, and instead, put you at risk. Knowing what you’re signing can make the difference between a great experience and a bad one down the road.

Först Consulting Group can also help you negotiate contracts pricing. We know what it takes to build a home—its timelines, materials, workmanship and costs. Construction consulting can help prevent a builder from taking advantage of you.

Green Practices and Technology

If you’d like to go green with your new home construction or wish to add in the latest technology, Först can go over the latest options available and help you choose the right ones for you and your family.

Consulting During Construction

Construction Monitoring

One of the most common reasons for construction consulting is to have us monitor the progress of your build. We will set up a schedule that suits your needs and comfort levels and check on the ongoing construction process at it happens. For example, we can come in after the contractors have left for the day to review their work, the materials, workmanship, and safety issues, reporting any findings to you. We can also provide regular interval reports as construction experts. If we see an issue, we’ll let you know so you can resolve it immediately. We can also aid in negotiating with the contractor.

Materials Selections

Contractors will ask you to make selections on materials and finishes throughout the building process. Don’t let them steer you towards inferior products on which they can put a large markup. Först Consulting Group can help you choose the products that not only suit your needs, but will last, and point out any discrepancies between what you chose and what the builder is installing.


Defect Investigations and Documentation

Sometimes, whether intentional or not, defects can be found in the construction of a home. It is best to address these quickly, while the builder is still involved with your contract. The terms of your contract may limit the amount of time you have to resolve a problem. If you spot a defect, or even have a suspicion about one, Först Consulting can perform a defect investigation and present and document our professional findings to support your claim.

Walk-Through Consulting

Once the contractor completes the job, you will perform a walk-through inspection with the contractor. This is your opportunity to look for little things like nail pops, incomplete finishes or errors in construction. Under the terms of your contract, the contractor will fix or resolve these issues. Having a construction expert like Först Consulting Group at your side during the walk-through inspection can assure you that all issues are spotted and documented and offer you peace of mind that the job was done well. You don’t want to find something later on that easily could have been fixed at the time. Then it would need to be fixed at your own expense.

Dispute Resolution

Sometimes the homeowner and contractor can’t come to terms on a dispute. That’s when you need someone else to step in to mediate the conversation. Instead of threatening a lawsuit, use us as a go-between to help resolve the conflict. With facts, evidence and calm negotiation, most disputes can be resolved amicably.

For Construction Consulting, Contact Först Consulting Group

There are many more reasons why you need construction consulting. If you want to discuss all that we can offer, contact Först Consulting Group.


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