When you have a construction complaint, you need a non-biased expert on your side—picture of Matthew Furlonglike Matthew Furlong. Furlong specializes in forensic engineering, scientific investigations, technical report writing, and expert witness testimony for construction claims and litigation matters. But what does all this mean?

Contractor Licensing

The letters behind Matthew’s name indicate the classifications of licenses he has acquired.

  • CBC: Commercial Building Contractor. This designates “individuals whose contracts include construction, remodeling, repair, improvement, removal, or demolition on real property owned, controlled, or leased by another person of commercial, industrial, institutional, governmental, and accessory use buildings or structures.”
  • RBC: Residential Building Contractor. This designates “individuals whose contracts include construction, remodeling, repair, improvement, removal, or demolition on real property owned, controlled, or leased by another person of dwellings and townhouses, as defined in the USBC, including accessory buildings or structures on such property.”

See more about Matthew’s certifications and accreditations.

Types of Advocacy Services

Some of the terminology used in the construction field may not be familiar, so here are descriptions of some of the services we offer in more detail.

Forensic Engineering

“Forensic engineering is the application of engineering principles to the investigation of failures or other performance problems” in construction, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers. In this role, Matthew Furlong collects evidence in order to make an official assessment of the cause of a structural failure, like a deck collapse, for example. He looks for failures in design, structures, materials and components to assess construction errors, property or economic loss, and injuries or death resulting from these failures.

Forensic investigations can be related to construction defects, building code compliance, contract review and analysis, construction delay analysis, and construction injury investigation. It can include pathologies of design or material deficiencies, structural capability, specification errors, workmanship errors, external or environmental factors, deterioration and improper use.

The goal of forensic engineering is to discover the cause of the failure or establish the chain of causation. This evidence is crucial in the prosecution and defense of a legal case concerning breach of contract, product liability, health and safety violations, and tort claims. It can also involve testimony on these findings in a court of law.

Scientific Investigations

In a scientific investigation, Matthew Furlong applies systematic and constructed scientific methods to obtain, analyze and interpret data surrounding a construction claim. Using his specialized training and high-technology equipment, he can identify and confirm construction defects that could be caused by contractor errors, design flaws or materials failure both inside and outside a home or building. It can include building pathology, safety and code violations, home energy performance, infrared thermography, and issues with stucco application, siding, insulation, ventilation, vapor barriers, and moisture maintenance.

Since buildings can suffer from latent defects (not seen by the naked eye) or patent defects (can be seen), various testing methods are utilized. Risks of failures are also taken into consideration.

Technical Report Writing

Every service provided requires documentation, which Matthew Furlong provides in the form of detailed reports of findings, along with proof that includes photographs, images, code requirements and violations, cost correction estimates, and more. This provides the evidence needed to resolve a construction dispute or for defense in litigation.

Expert Witness Testimony

Matthew Furlong has completed more than 600 homes and custom projects, with experience ranging from high-end new custom homes, interior renovations and additions, to energy efficient and green homes, historic renovations, timber framing, and elaborate custom interiors in estate-sized homes. He has decades of experience with new construction and remodeling, design, project coordination, field inspections, and job-site health. This makes him uniquely qualified to testify as an expert on construction matters. His relevant opinions and advice provide both the consumer and the legal community with a trusted resource for litigation support and expert witness testimony.

Trust Matthew Furlong for Construction Advocacy

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