Require Integrity in an Expert Witness

integrity-in-expert-witnessThe job of the opposing attorney is to debunk the findings of the expert witness, or at the very least, portray the expert as an incredible source.

When you go to trial for a construction dispute, you must have the right expert witness on your side, yet unfortunately, many people who call themselves construction “experts” really have no business doing so.

Beware of the expert witness who offers opinion only in exchange for money

In a legal case, the however-qualified opinion of an expert witness can often be twisted or negated by the opposing attorneys. We’ve all seen examples of this on courtroom-drama television shows. What you need is good, solid proof of a construction error. This proof comes from a qualified inspection of the alleged problem, along with a detailed report of the findings. Reports often cite building or zoning codes and other corroborating evidence that will hold up to intense scrutiny.

Your expert witness needs to be an expert in the construction field, and it is best if they have construction experience themselves. They also need to be up-to-date on the most current codes and regulations. Nothing gets thrown out more quickly or disqualifies an expert witness in the eyes of the judge and jury than an out-of-date finding.

Hire a qualified expert witness for construction disputes

Unfortunately, there are people who claim to be an expert witness to earn an alternative income, or step in when a true expert cannot be found. There are even others who are hired because they are out of work, or those who will work for cheap, hired by attorneys who don’t want to outlay money for a true professional. Do you really want this person on your side?

No, your case is too important. You need someone who makes it their full-time effort to represent clients; someone who can truly develop your case and represent you fully in a court of law, whether you are the homeowner or contractor, or representing attorney or insurance company. You want a third-party, professional opinion, supported by corroborating evidence. We do, however, represent only one side in a case; we never serve as expert witness for both sides in the same case.

Hire for integrity

An unbiased expert with integrity can and will provide the truth about all aspects pertaining to the case, from both sides. Even though you hire them to represent your side. A one-sided testimony is often indication of a “hired gun” or a questionable expert. In a courtroom, the truth will prevail, so hire well—someone who can thoroughly prepare and represent your case.

Being an expert witness is our business–and yours

We started Först Consulting Group because we saw a need for qualified expert witness representation in the Northern Virginia region and throughout the United States. And we have since represented a number of clients successfully. We are construction experts, having run our own construction firm, and maintain the integrity and knowledge required for a winning outcome.

Don’t go it alone. Hire Först.

When you need an expert witness for a construction dispute, hire Först Consulting Group. Contact us today to discuss your construction dispute.


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