New Service: Owner’s Construction Advocate for Renovation Projects

When you renovate your home, things are turned upside down. Normal schedules are interrupted, the space is in disarray, and you have to oversee the project on top of your already-busy day.

The job of managing your construction, remodeling or renovation project just got easier with the addition of the new Owner’s Construction Advocate service from Först Consulting Group. We’ll do it for you as your personal project manager.

The construction company has a project manager, so why shouldn’t you?

Först Consulting Group will serve as your personal project manager, representing your side as the owner during the construction project. We will visit the construction site several times a week to keep an eye on the project, track performance, and monitor work quality, and report back to you on our findings.

How do you know your contractor is doing a good job?

We have seen contractors cut corners on workmanship and the quality of products, especially when work is hidden behind walls. We’ll look out for shortcuts, and hold the contractor to the strict state and local building codes, as well as ensure adherence to your contract specifications, without getting in the way.

What if Först finds a problem?

The time to catch problems is before they happen, but if we do find a problem, we can help you remediate it. We can negotiate with the contractor on your behalf, using our depth of knowledge to ask the right questions and ensure the correct solutions, all the way to representing your side as an expert witness should you have to take legal action.

You are not a home construction expert, but we are.

We realize you are not an expert in the building process, but we are. We have many years of experience building and performing renovations ourselves.  Let us take the burden of managing your renovation project on for you. Call us for a free consultation.