What You Need to Know About Lead-Based Paint

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “If you live in a home built before 1978 and you’re contemplating any work that will disturb more than six square feet of painted surfaces inside the home or 20 square feet on the exterior of the home, for example, replacing a window, installing cabinets, or adding ... Read More

Could You Recognize a Visible Construction Error? We Can.

Först Consulting Group is often called upon by homeowners to either verify or dispute errors in construction. When remodeling a home, building a new home, or simply repairing items in the home, errors can happen. Sometimes they are quite obvious, but at other times they are subtle. You just get a feeling that something isn’t ... Read More

Först Consulting Group adds Residential Property Management Service

Först Consulting Group is pleased to add an additional service to its offerings: Residential Property Management. Added because of customer demand, beginning in 2016, Först will now assist homeowners who need someone to watch over their property when they are not there. Property Management Provides Safety, Security, Ease and Convenience While You’re Away It’s important ... Read More

Hiring a Contractor? Get it in Writing Every Time

Hiring a contractor for your construction project is one thing and ensuring a smooth experience is a completely different thing. One needs to be aware of the best work practices with respect to the contractual obligations when hiring a contractor. The written contract protects both the parties i.e. you and the contractor, which is why ... Read More

Contractor Red Flags: Are you getting what you paid for?

With construction or remodeling projects, hiring a contractor becomes a daunting task with so much money and effort at stake. For an easy and hassle free experience, it is important to be aware of the contractor red flags and decide whether you are getting services worth your investment. It is so easy to go wrong ... Read More

Contractor Conflicts

Anyone who has gone through any construction work or a renovation will tell you that you cannot avoid something going wrong. It is inevitable, but there are ways you can handle yourself and your contractor to avoid breaking your budget. If it something that does not need to be resolved immediately, write down your concerns. ... Read More
You need Forst Consulting Group

You need Forst Consulting Group

If your property has recently undergone remodeling, an addition or other construction, you as a homeowner may have noticed something that made you question the work. Errors occur even if the work was performed by a licensed contractor, especially in hidden areas of your home like inside walls, under flooring, or in attics or basements. ... Read More