Först Consulting Group Earns Certifications

Over the past several months, Först Consulting Group has earned even more certifications that can serve as a knowledge base to provide credibility for our expert services. These certifications not only allow us to serve our clients ...


A Million-Dollar Condo Building Noise Problem

A recent construction of a six-unit condominium building in Washington D.C. sold units for more than $1.1 million each, but that doesn’t mean the owners got what they paid for. The new residents have been plagued with one particular ...

Bad Stucco

Unhappy With the Construction Work? Seek Legal Advice if You are Dissatisfied With the Contractor.

While there are so many construction projects getting completed without any major problem, in some cases the construction work can go awry. There could be few common reasons behind a construction project going wrong like: unrealistic ...


How Can a Contractor Prevent Construction Claims?

It’s the dreaded call that no contractor wants to get: the construction dispute. It happens when your company has completed work on a project, and someone finds fault with your work or something has failed, and they request remediation ...


Your Negative Online Review Can Have Legal Repercussions You Hadn’t Thought About

Most construction dispute cases involve a single suit, where either the homeowner or their representing attorney engages Först Consulting Group to serve as an expert witness. In the case where a builder does not honor their warranty or ...


Require Integrity in an Expert Witness

The job of the opposing attorney is to debunk the findings of the expert witness, or at the very least, portray the expert as an incredible source. When you go to trial for a construction dispute, you must have the right expert witness ...

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